The Seedling

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2020 August The Heroes OF Ryan’s Rainbow, Invasive Weeds Seen at BARAGA, An Introduction to Composting, Fall & Winter Planting Guide
2020 May Bees of BARAGA, Vice President’s Message, AGM & SGM Report, A Few Words on Inspections
2019 April BARAGA History,Plot Inspections and Maintenance for 2019, Work Parties and Community Service Hours (CSH), The 2019 AGM
2019 July Reasons to Compost, The Weed Story, How to grow Goji Berries
2019 September Special General Meeting Nov 16th, Garden Inspection Rules:Flower Beds, Annual Picnic Photos, Last Work Party Oct 12th
2018 March Flower Beds & Orchard-Tree Guilds, Cultivating The Soil, SGM, The 2018 Board Team, Important Dates
2018 June Managing our water,Message from the board, Fertilizing your plants, Home from Kestrels, Burnaby Neighborhood House Education Plot
2018 September Pride of every gardener, Message from the board, Annual Picnic,
2018 December BARAGA History, GST Update, from the board and more
2017 March Tending your BARAGA garden, President’s Message, AGM Results, Bee-Friendly Garden Ideas
2017 June BARAGA Orchard plans, Frank Aiello Tribute, Managing our water
2017 September Working with frost dates, Fall plot cleanup, Picnic report
2017 December AGM Info, President and VP Message, Flower Beds and Orchard, Education plot,
2016 March Mike Calderone, Understanding plot inspections, dealing with weeds, composting and conserving water
2016 June Starting with seeds, cultivating the soil, picnic and events, news
2016 September Working out in your garden, picnic report, bee report
2016 December President’s message, AGM info, Fruit Orchard, Call for new directors
2015 April AGM summary, Update on Bees, Composting, Workshops at BARAGA
Sunday June 21st First Annual BARAGA Solstice Party, EGM Results, Fire Ant Project, Composting
September Annual Picnic report, water conservation, composting on plot
December Luigi Aiello, Community Service Hours, Long-Range Planning Survey,Greenhouses & Structures Update,Handy Gadgets for Gardeners
2014 March AGM summary, Volunteerism, Dates for Planting Our Gardens
June Fire Ants,BARAGA Harassment Policy,BARAGA Bees Are Doing Well
September Community Fruit Trees, Community Service Hours & Composting, Handbook Changes
December Winter Pruning of Trees and Vines, BARAGA Received Donation for Trees and Bees, Editor’s Year-End Thoughts
2013 April AGM summary, Roots, Seed Starting
June BARAGA Then and Now, Voles, Mints, Bumble Bees
October Garden Contest Winners, Angel Food Runners,Powdery Mildew & Milk, Harvest, Phytochemicals,Preparing for Fall
December Putting more Community into Garden, Arugula,Quinoa, Living longer,The Dandelion, Compost/Manure Tea
2012 July Fire Ants, Clubroot
December AGM, Membership Fees, More on the Fire Ant
2011 April The Community (Education) Garden, Bees, Kale
July The European Red Fire Ant,New World Gifts, Country Wines
October Fall clean up, Winter planting, Mrs. Beeton’s garden
December Healthy Gardeners,Tomatoes, Tissue Culture


2010 April AGM, Food Bank Report, The Amazing Cucumber,  Worms
part 1
Growing Fruit at BARAGA
July Cabbages, Plant relations and variety
October Private Beekeeping, More Composting, Seed Saving, The King of Kale
December Starting Seeds, The Living Soil


2009 April Seed Exchange Bank, Flower Borders, Plant Bargains
July Water, Centipedes and Millipedes, Fungus Roots
October A World of Insects, The Neglected Parsnip, What is a Potager?
December Worms part 1, Raised Beds, Getting an Early Start


Crop Rotation, Mulching

Garden Remedies, Aggressive Weed – Lamium

The Picnic, 100 Mile
Shopping,Pill bugs/ Sow bugs

Soil Testing, Spiders, How much can you grow


Dividing Perennials,  Buying Seed

Bees, Tomato Blight

Plant Needs, Weeds

Composting, Where Seeds Come From