Want to Garden at BARAGA?

We at BARAGA share a passion for gardening and good food. As members, we supply the motivation and muscle, renting and working individual plots. The City of Burnaby supplies the farmland we garden on.

If you’re landless, but a farmer at heart, come down and visit us in person to meet some of our members, find out who we are, and what we grow.

BARAGA members are not just plot renters, they are active participants in our Association, as volunteers, Board Directors, and stewards of our community.

As a not-for-profit association, BARAGA is governed by a Constitution, a set of registered Bylaws, and a handbook of Rules & Policies.

Our garden is a large property to manage and these documents set out the rights and responsibilities of our members, as well as procedures for accepting new members, electing our Board of Directors, and management of the garden.

Before joining our waitlist, please read these documents to ensure that you are familiar with what is expected of all BARAGA members.

Our community is only as strong as the commitment of our members to abide by the guidelines and cooperate with fellow gardeners.

Apply for Our Waitlist

To add your name to our waitlist, please fill out the form below. Please note that all fields are required information and you will be required to provide ID proving that you are a resident of Burnaby before a plot is assigned to you.

The current waiting time for a plot is more than 4 years and we will accept applications from BURNABY RESIDENTS ONLY.