Monday, June 8 we will begin collecting donations from your garden plots for Ryan’s Rainbow Foodbank. This year the need is greater than ever. Last year they supported 44 families, many of them made up of women raising children alone. They now have 111 families coming to their door every week. Their coordinator tells me that number grows by 5% each week. Our fresh produce is a welcome addition to the boxed and bottled food that comes from other sources. Some recipients have been brought to tears when they received Swiss chard and rhubarb, foods they haven’t seen since their childhood.Many of you picked up seed packets from West Coast Seed at the AGM in February. Our expectation is that this will translate into donations to the Foodbank. We recognize that some of you donate to other Foodbanks and that’s great.

For Ryan’s Rainbow, please leave your donations in the White Box by the main parking lot. You can do this Sunday evening or Monday morning before 10:00.