We are western Canada’s largest allotment gardens. We grow healthy vegetables, berries and flowers on fourteen acres of farmland in south Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 

We share a passion for gardening and good food. We supply the motivation and muscle, renting and working individual plots. The City of Burnaby supplies the farmland we garden on. If you’re landless, but a peasant at heart, come down and visit us in person. Find out who we are and what we grow. Check out coming events and membership in BARAGA: you may find you belong in our community. 

  • Would you like to become a member?  BARAGA members are not just plot renters, they participate as members of the Association.  Please download and read our Handbook so you can understand the requirements and obligations of membership.   The Contact Us page has instructions on how to get on our wait list.  Note that the waiting time for a plot is over a year and Burnaby residents are given priority.  We are not accepting applications from non-Burnaby residents at this time.
  • Please see the Contact Us page for information on how to contact the directors about membership changes, community work hours, plot inspection, and other topics.

Member News:

    1. PLEASE do not throw compostable material from your garden into our garbage! You MUST compost on your own plot or bring your compostable material home or to the Burnaby Eco-Centre. If you want some advice on how to compost on your plot, please ask some of your fellow gardeners.
    2. PLEASE pack out what you pack in, rather than use our garbage for recyclable materials. You cannot throw plastics (plant containers, etc.), cardboard, paper or drink containers into the garbage. We are looking into getting a commercial company to help with recycling, but in the meantime, please respect your fellow gardeners by taking care of your own garbage.